Utilizing the perturbation approach, effects of chemical reaction, heat and mass transfer, and viscous dissipation over an MHD flow in a vertical porous wall

Aakshi Kainthola*

In the presence of a homogeneous chemical reaction of first order, an analytical solution of a magneto hydrodynamic steady mixed convective flow of an incompressible, viscous, Newtonian, electrically conducting and chemically reacting fluid over an infinite vertical porous plate is described. Considering the induced magnetic field with viscous and magnetic energy dissipations, a uniform magnetic field is considered to be applied transversely to the direction of the flow. Both a uniform mixed stream velocity and a constant suction velocity are applied to the porous plate. The perturbations technique is used to solve the governing equations. For the various values of the parameters involved in the problem, the expressions for the velocity field, induced magnetic field, current density and the rate of heat transfer at the plate are produced and graphically illustrated. The velocity field, temperature field, induced magnetic field, current density and rate of heat transfer from the plate to the fluid are examined in relation to the Hartmann number, chemical reaction parameter, magnetic Prandtl number and other factors

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