Relative Humidity Monitoring of Ag Doped TiO2

Anupam Kumar Tripathi, Anoop Kumar

Practical applications of TiO2 are limited due to its wide band gap and fast recombination of electron-hole pairs within nanoseconds. So far numerous researches have been focused on defeating these disadvantages by introducing noble metals into titania lattice. Noble metals deposited or doped in TiO2 have high Schottky barriers among the metals and act as electron traps, facilitating electron-hole separation and promoting the interfacial electron transfer process. These additives capture electrons resulting in a lower recombination rate of electron-hole pairs. However, some noble metals such as Pt, Pd, Rh, and Au are too expensive to be used on the industrial scale. Therefore, the research on Ag-doped TiO2 has significant practical value. Silver is suitable for industrial applications due to its comparable cost and easy preparation. It is a suitable element, which improves the TiO2 photo-catalytic performance, it is also believed that the silver ions interact with sulfur, oxygen, and nitrogen in the molecules of microorganisms and inactivate the cellular proteins resulting in titania as better bioactive material. Ag-doped titania layers with different morphologies have been grown by the Sol-gel method.

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