Novel Technique-To Treat Breast Cancer

Waleed Bashir

Breast cancer is becoming more common in the world, resulting in a worse quality of life. Breast cancer affects between 2 and 2.5 million women worldwide annually. Early diagnosis and treatment of BC are necessary to suppress the progression of the disease. In this paper, we discuss nanoparticle based techniques for breast cancer treatment. Nanotechnology has several distinct advantages including active and passive targeting, miniature size (nanometric), the ability to connect several targeting moieties, site specific targeting and controlled release. Several chemotherapeutic agents with excellent responses in the treatment of BC have been delivered using nanocarriers such as metallic/inorganic NPs, polymeric nanoparticles/micelles, lipid based NPs, etc. This review covers new treatment techniques, clinical insights, and novel therapeutic approaches such as nanotechnology and nanomedicines for the treatment of BC.

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