Characterization of Physicochemical, Heavy Metal and Poly Aromatic Hydrocarbon on Industrial Sewage in Nile river, Egypt

Khaled. M. Zakaria

This study analyzed the sample of water and sediments form El-Hawamdeya, Egypt. As much as 11 stations sample site were investigated for the pysicochemical characteristic, heavy metal and PAHs concentration. The physicochemical characteristic includes DO, COD, BOD, EC, pH and TDS. The results showed that the 63% stations have higher concentration of DO, COD and BOD compared to maximum concentration allowed by Egyptian regulation. The characterization of heavy metal including Cd, Co, Cu, Fe, Mn and Pb. The concentration of Co, Cu, Fe, Mn and Pb is still in the range of permissible limit from EPA while the Cd concentration has higher number than permissible limit. The highest concentration of PAHs is 2.256 mg/L and the lowest 0.0220 mg/L. Some stations have no detection for several kinds of PAHs. From all these result, the situation of El-Hawadeya region should be concerned in term of psycochemical characteristic, heavy metal contamination especially Cd and PAHs pollution.

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