Bio-Pharmaceutical Manufacturing Large Scale Production Process: The Graphene Derivates Role and mRNA Vaccine

Mauro Luisetto, Tarro G, Naseer Almukthar, Nili B Ahmadabadi, Ram Sahu, Farhan Ahmad Khan, Mashori Gulam Rasool, Cabianca L, Fiazza C, Gadama G Prince, Oleg Yurevich Latyshew

Aim of this work is to investigate the role played by graphene and its derivates in some relevant manufacturing process like purification and absorption. The chemical physical properties of this innovative product make possible to understand why they are used in many biomedical and other fields like biosensors, in water purifying, to remove heavy metals procedure, in diagnostic field, but also in pharmaceutical purifications, in extraction, purifying DNA, RNA and other biomolecule, carrier, adjuvant, antibacterial and other biological and industrial use. The large scale production is different from a laboratory scale but the same chemicophysical properties are used. The classic drug manufacturing production as well as biopharmaceuticals needs to verify the presence of Impurity in the raw material and in the finished drugs for regulatory need and for patient safety. For this reason it is interesting to verify the use in some large scale manufacturing procedure of innovative products like m RNA Vaccine. Because this products graphene oxide and other product related is recognized with toxicological properties it is strongly recommended by the authors if used in the manufacturing process to test in the final product the full absence of this molecule with written report inside the technical sheet approved.

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